The Reebok Crossfit Open 2014

A Shakespearean Adaptation

To compete or not to compete, that is the question.

Whether ‘tis nobler in the mind to suffer,

The weights and the reps of these future workouts,

Or to sit out and watch your fellows suffer,

And by judging, no rep them? To try, to weep-

No more; and by no more we say we end

The heartache of the thousand natural looks

To the leaderboard? Tis an obsession

For some, a compulsion. To try, to weep,

To weep perchance to compete.  Aye, there’s the catch,

For those that chose to try, what dreams may come,

What obstacles you may have to overcome,

But this might give you pause. There’s respect to those

Who choose to make competing a part of life.

For who would bear the beeps of the clock of time;

The weightlifters’ strong, the gymnast fleet-footed,

The pain of long met-cons, the high rep workouts,

The lactic acid build-up, the burning lungs,  

Who could be worthy to undertake such feats?

When you could simply not sign up, ending

The pain and heartache? Who would choose to groan

And sweat under such dreadful conditions,

Unless they were afraid of something more

Dreadful than defeat. For he that competes

There’s no turning back, it puzzles the will,

And makes you face evils and obstacles

That we all have but hide from each other.

Thus fearful to compete makes us cowards,

And our natural boldness soon becomes weak

With too much thought and negativity.

Intentions that should be carried out get

 Misdirected, and stop being actions at all.

But shh… there is still time to sign up for

This fair competition.  My friend in sport,

I pray, may all your reps be counted.


~Jennifer Schaeffer

Hopefully you were able to pick up what I was laying down there. I simply wanted to encourage those of you who have been debating signing up for the Reebok Crossfit Open 2014, or debating signing up for any type of competition, to really think about what is holding you back. Are you afraid of failing? Are you afraid of letting your peers down, maybe yourself? Are you just afraid? I challenge you to face this fear, and sign up.

However, the open (and competitions in general), should in some way be fun. Now do not take this too literally. I do not mean that every competition you do, or every day before you do one of the open workouts it’s going to feel like party. It may actually be the most athletically and mentally stressful 5 weeks of your life. At least it is for me, but this is why I like it. This is why I enjoy it. This is why its “fun” to me. Do not be worried if this is you, this just means you care. Just make sure you see the good in it, the fun in it. I enjoy watching others do the workouts, I enjoy coming up with different strategies and having my clients try them out, and I LOVE doing better than I expected.

Please do not let fear get in the way of you surprising yourself. Do not let fear keep you out of challenging yourself and seeing what you are capable of.


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