GTX Trainers

All of the trainers at GTX personal training are highly qualified and experienced. Mike is one of only a handful of RKC level 2 certified trainers in the state. Shaun and Mike both have 4 year degrees specializing in health and exercise science. Gene and Kory are two of the first Indoor Rowing instructors in the state. All of the trainers are certified to teach and instruct KettleBell classes by RKC. The list of paper qualifications could go on for quite a while, but we all know how much paper is sometimes worth.

On the other hand athletes like Amanda Beard (4 time olympian, 7 time medalist) and Erica Allar winner of El Tour de Tucson 2010 both train at GTX. Sometimes results speak louder than words.

No matter if your goal is getting back to your high school weight, competing in almost any sport or just staying in shape the trainers at GTX can craft a program that is right for you.

Our newest trainer (starting in January) is both an amazing athlete and coach. We want everyone to welcome Jennifer Schaeffer who will be teaching BootCamps and CrossFit classes. She will also be introducing Mobility and CrossFit Foundation classes.

Jennifer is an ACSM Certified Personal Trainer, Crossfit Level 1 Coach and is Crossfit Olympic Weightlifting certified. Jennifer also holds a bachelors degree from Stevenson University in English Literature and Language. Jennifer began personal training part time during her junior year of college, and never, at that time, thought it would become a full time, lifelong career. Now, Jennifer could not imagine doing anything else that did not involve helping people better their lives one day and one choice at a time.

For Jennifer, Crossfit and working out only enhances her life. Jennifer enjoys reading, cooking and spending time with her loved ones.

We would like to welcome GTX instructor/trainer Jenny Lacoss to the team! We couldn’t have asked for a better or more knowledgable trainer than you! You instantly make us better! Thank You!

Jenny LaCoss is a firefighter for the Tucson Fire Department. She is an ACE certified personal trainer or “Peer Fitness Trainer” for her fellow firefighters.  Jenny is also CrossFit Level 1 certified.  Besides firefighting, her passion is working out- especially CrossFit! Jenny really enjoys training and coaching others to become the healthiest, happiest, best version of themself!


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